Custom Prices 2023/2024 - Deer, Hogs & Cattle

Smoked Sausage (Pricing per pound)

Minimum batch size of 30 lbs. for Smoked Sausage.
$10.00 for split order, per split.

Butcher Service

CUT & WRAP $.80/LB

Mild, Mild with Pepper, Hot & Cajun

  70/30 60/40 50/50 40/60
BONE-IN $1.80/LB $1.90/LB $2.00/LB $2.10/LB
BONELESS $1.70/LB $1.80/LB $1.90/LB $2.00/LB

Jalapeno & Cheese/Pineapple & Brown Sugar/Green Onion

  70/30 60/40 50/50 40/60
BONE-IN $2.20/LB $2.30/LB $2.40/LB $2.50/LB
BONELESS $2.10/LB $2.20/LB $2.30/LB $2.40/LB

**Fresh = deduct $0.10/lb less, Just STUFF = deduct $0.05/lb less

**Lean Pork Trim Add $0.75/lb

**30 LB Minimum Batch for Smoked Sausage / $10.00 for Split Order, Per Split

Italian & Bratwurst

  70/30 60/40 50/50 40/60
BONE-IN $1.90/LB $2.00/LB $2.10/LB $2.20/LB
BONELESS $1.80/LB $1.90/LB $2.00/LB $2.10/LB

Ground Meat with Beef Trim

  70/30 60/40 50/50 40/60
BONE-IN $1.90/LB $2.00/LB $2.10/LB N/A
BONELESS $1.80/LB $1.90/LB $2.00/LB N/A

**For Lean Beef Trimmings Add $1.50/lb

Custom Extras

Just Debone: $0.50/lb. Brisket: $4.99/lb. Grind/Wrap: $0.80/lb. Bacon Trim: Add $0.40/lb.
Cheese: $5.00/lb. Jalapenos: $5.00/lb Pineapple: $5.00/lb.
Attention Customers

Receiving Hours

November - February:

Monday – Friday: 7 AM – 3 PM

March - October:

Monday – Thursday: 7 AM – 3 PM

Fridays til Noon

  • Please ring the buzzer or call (985) 735-6581 for service. 
  • According to USDA regulations, we cannot accept meat with excessive dirt or debris, hide, hair, etc. We appreciate your cooperation. 
  • All orders must be approved and initialed by the customer. 
  • Please double check your order ticket. All orders are final unless changed in person. We cannot accept changes to custom orders over the phone. 
  • We cannot guarantee the final weight of frozen meat due to the wide range of handling conditions and thaw loss. 
  • YOUR MEAT IS YOUR MEAT! We understand the time and expense of raising an animal and harvesting wild game for food. We want you to be completely satisfied with YOUR product – We appreciate your business!